24/7 Tactical Pants

24/7 Tactical Pants
Item# 24-7-tru-spec-tactical-pants
Regular price: $50.00
Tactical price: $40.00

Tactical Product Description

Need an affordable tactical pant? Look no further, these 24/7 pants are a great bang for the buck. The main design is based on a classic cargo pant, but includes many modern features. Starting off with the core material, it is heavier than rip-stop consisting of 8.5oz 100% cotton canvas that is pre-washed to reduce shrinking and fading. The belt loops are thick for durability and the main top closure uses a basic metal snap. The fly uses a durable YKK metal zipper and a backup button is available if for some reason you worry about your fly zipping down on its own. Offhand I have never needed to use one. The waist has built in elastic to make them belt-free capable. The tension is good at keeping the pants on while not delivering an uncomfortable squeeze. The main upper frontal pockets are nice and deep, how I like em'. I enjoyed the new design on the back butt pockets which have one corner tacked down and have the other corner taper down into the flap using velcro for closure. These pockets have accordion folds on the sides so they can billow out and with additional velcro inside the fold. I find the additional velcro a little odd, since the squares are so small they can't give much hold. Between the main upper side pockets and the back pockets are cool little knife / utility pockets. Small knives can go fully inside, but almost any knife with a clip can be mounted externally. They are also great for pens and small flashlights. Moving down are the cargo pockets on the leg sides which are nice and roomy. The flaps have an angular shape and use velcro for closure. The square used on the main opening end is larger than most designs use while the other end is smaller and tacked down. This results in good security while still being easy to open with one hand. Inside the cargo pockets are 2 sleeve pockets sized great for 30 round rifle magazines, but they work great for flashlights and other tools as well. The side fold has velcro again, which is still odd, but doesn't seem to cause a problem at least. I think gentle elastic retention would have been a better route. Further using the cargo pocket area, there are smaller pockets sewn to the exterior bottom of them. These pockets are sized great for cell phones, but do not fit double stack pistol mags well. They will lay in there, but the velcro closure flap will not seal. If they were just a little taller they would be able to accommodate pistol mags while not getting in the way of the main cargo flap. The knee areas are reinforced with extra material and even have interior slots for knee pad inserts. I almost missed them since the openings are on the sides. The rest of the pants down are straight forward, there are no pull strings at the bottom ends.

I am very happy to see the pants are symmetrical while many other pant designs seem to always try and skimp you out of a pocket or two. Although the 24/7 pants don't have every single feature I would like, they certainly have a lot of them. These pants are durable, comfortable, and quite functional while being very affordably priced making them an easy choice to recommend.